About Us

You can trust Hyper Maids to consistently relieve you of the stress that comes with keeping your house in order. Your on-going satisfaction is our goal.

Do You Need Hyper Maids?

Hyper Maids is the one house cleaning service that simplifies life by taking care of everything, so you can turn your attention to other matters.

Our clients are busy professionals, married with children, young singles, and empty nesters. We provide home cleaning for pet owners, parents, asthma and allergy sufferers, and those who want to save their energy for things other than cleaning house.

People who want to spend their time pursuing careers, hobbies and enjoying family and friends need Hyper Maids. They are people who’ve experienced the frustration and stress of hiring and firing other maid services and have finally realized that it really can be much more simple.

Our Promises

The Hyper Maids standard for customer service sets us apart from ordinary residential cleaning services. Our commitment to providing sparkling customer service is both a system and an ethic.

  • We will monitor our reliability.
  • We will supervise our consistency.
  • We will pay strict attention to the security of your belongings.
  • We will solicit your comments and suggestions and be responsive to you.
  • We will dispatch a prompt re-clean if we ever miss something.
  • We will continually make you glad you chose Hyper Maids.