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What Makes Hyper Maids Different?

Our goal is to make every effort in providing clients with an excellent cleaning service now and in the future.

With most maid services, the quality starts out fine but then gradually slips. Hyper Maids strives to satisfy you with each and every house cleaning, and asks for your input every time. We take your comments seriously and see that our maids understand your professional cleaning service needs. Hyper Maids listens and follows through. You can trust Hyper Maids to consistently relieve you of the stress that comes with keeping your house in order. Your on-going satisfaction is our goal.

How Much Will It Cost?

Every home is unique and we price our service according to your individual house and needs. We take into account the size, number of rooms, number of residents and pets, and several more factors in estimating your house cleaning and maid service fee. We use a consistent formula to arrive at the proper price.

Detail Services

There are two convenient ways to get an estimate for Hyper Maids services: by calling or completing an estimate form online. Feel free to choose your preferred method to get an estimate for our maid services.

  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Residential Cleaning
  • Extras (Post-Construction Cleaning)
  • Janitorial Services and much more.